Privacy Policy

What information does MoreForum gather:

When you register as a member on a board hosted by MoreForum you need to provide an email address, select a username, and enter a password. The username you choose does not have to be your real name. Your chosen password is protected by an un-reversible hash. The email address you provide can be used to allow members to contact you, for MoreForum to send important notices to you, or for certain feature of the board you visit to work. You may choose to disable features that can send you emails. MoreForum also collects other information such as IP addresses and the date and time of your visit. Administrators of each board do have the ability to view your IP address if you post messages, visit, or register on their board. How we use gathered information: The email address you provide is used by us to validate your board/account registration. We may also send important notices or warnings via email. MoreForum will never sell or spam your email address. Any survey you fill out is used to provide better ads or improve our services. No information provided through a survey is linked to you as an individual. All other information you provide is either optional or will enhance a board's features. MoreForum reserves the right to disclose any information if we believe that a law has been violated. MoreForum may transfer the information in our possession if MoreForum is sold or merges. We may disclose general statistics to our sponsors and advertisers. No personal information will be given to third parties. Your email address will never be given to an advertiser.

How we protect your information:

We have strict policies against spam mail being sent to you from an MoreForum free board. Many features are in place to prevent spam from being sent. In addition if any member or board is caught sending spam their account will be deleted. All passwords stored are encrypted and can never be seen. We have taken many steps towards securing your information.


Cookies are used to let you log into your account. Our ad providers may also use cookies to rotate banner ads.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA):

No user that is under 13 may register a board. We do not collect personally identifiable information from anyone known to be under 13. If MoreForum finds a user under the age of 13 providing personally identifiable information on our site, we will delete that user and/or any information related to that user.

Third Party Advertising:

MoreForum uses third party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our web site. These third party advertising companies may collect and use information about your visits to MoreForum as well as other web sites. Note: By signing up with MoreForum , you agree to the terms of the advertisers of Ads. displayed in moreforum in addition to the terms of Moreforum's privacy policy.

Modifications to our Policy:
MoreForum may update and revise this privacy policy. We will not guarentee that we can inform users in time.

Parental Controls:

Certain materials on the internet or on MoreForum may not be appropriate for minors. MoreForum suggests monitoring your child's activity while on MoreForum . Should you encounter content on MoreForum that appears to not be appropriate, check our Terms of Service.


We welcomes any feedback from users regarding privacy concerns. In the event of any issues or complaints regarding the Company's alleged violation of this Privacy Policy, users may contact the Company at The Company will use all reasonable efforts to resolve user complaints in this regard.

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